Best Dungeons and Dragons Podcast of 2017!

The Fans’ Choice Award for Best Dungeons and Dragons Podcast of 2017 goes to…

The crews at Blue Elephant Brigade Network and Debauchery and Dragons, a new Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition podcast, counted over 4000 votes spanning over 40 D&D Podcasts in the First Annual Fans’ Choice Award for Best Dungeons and Dragons Podcast of  2017.

The voting took place over approximately five days, from December 15th to the 20th, 2017. If you happened to miss the voting this year, be sure to enter your email address to the right or below and subscribe to receive your ballot when they are sent out for next year.

That being said, and without further ado, the winner for 2017 is…

First Place – The Adventure Zone!

First place for this year goes to The Adventure Zone! With over 1,700 votes submitted from their fans, they were by far the most supported podcast in this year’s voting! Well done TAZ, well done!

Honorable Mention – Glass Cannon Podcast

The award for most committed fans however, goes to the Glass Cannon Podcast. Because GCP is a pathfinder podcast, and not technically a Dungeons and Dragons podcast, it was excluded from the official voting this year. That didn’t stop the GCP fans though. They banded together and manually submitted over 450 votes on behalf of GCP!

From those of us here at The Blue Elephant Brigade Network and Debauchery and Dragons Podcast, Bravo Zulu Glass Cannon Podcast Fans (that’s Navy Veteran speak for well done!)! Very Impressive!

2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place

Other outstanding podcasts who’s fans came out with a strong showing include:

2nd Place – Drunks and Dragons

3rd Place – Sneak Attack

4th Place – Dungeons and Randomness

5th Place – Table Top Champions

Submitted by Their Fans

In addition to the podcasts mentioned up above, we were completely caught off guard by the HUGE number of fantastic Dungeons and Dragons Podcasts that were submitted by individuals and groups of fans! It is truly an amazing, passionate little corner of the internet that we feel blessed to be a part of!

We highly encourage everyone to not only check out the podcasts listed above but to take a moment and give a listen to all of the wonderful D&D podcasts which received votes in this year’s Fans’ Choice Award for Best Dungeons and Dragons Podcast of 2017!


Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team

Awful Good

Critical Hit

Critical Role

Board with Life Adventures



D&D is for Nerds


Debauchery and Dragons

Dice Camera Action

Dice Paper Role

Dragons in Places

Dungeons and Drongos

Dungeon Drunks

Evil is as Evil Does


Heroes Not Included

How Do We Roll

Join the Party

Moral Entropy

Nerd Therapy

Party Roll

Pretend Wizards

Sea Dogs Podcast

Seasons of Skyrend

Shuffle Quest

So Many Levels

Sometimes Heroes

The Spellcast

The Stranger Lands


Wander Quest

Wizard on the Wind

World Walkers

You Meet In A Tavern


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