Episode 7 – Debauchery and Dragons Holiday Special

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Episode 7 - Debauchery and Dragons Holiday Special

Debauchery and Dragons Holiday Special!

We take a break from the normal Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition adventure this week! Instead, the crew takes part in a Debauchery and Dragons Holiday Special. John Hoover joins Tabitha, Josh, and Kip as Todd White takes over as DM for an adventure.

On this special night, while sleeping in the Furbolg village, Hart, Calica, and Atrax find themselves transported to a magical land of Christmas and Evil! There they meet fellow adventurer Chef Antonio of the Bourdain Clan. With his aid, the party must battle Santa Clause and his evil minions for their very souls!

So mix up some hot chocolate, sit back, and enjoy the Debauchery and Dragons 2017 Holiday Special!



Tabitha Raye Miller as Calica

Josh Schwartz as Hart Stonebottom

Todd White as Sally Silvertoes

Kip Corriveau as Atrax

John Hoover as DM

Episode Artwork: Vincent Tijms

John Hoover
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Co-Founder of Blue Elephant Brigade Network, co-host of the Blue Elephant Brigade Podcast, and host of the Debauchery and Dragons Podcast.

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