Episode 8 – 99 Problems But Hoots Ain’t One

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Episode 8 - 99 Problems But Hoots Ain't One

Debauchery and Dragons Episode 8 – 99 Problems But Hoots Ain’t One

Our intrepid Dungeons and Dragons adventurers wake from their Christmas dreams and find themselves back within the Furbolg village. Unfortunately, it is truly dark times for the Furbolgs. Every adult within the village has slowly vanished over the past year. Finally finding themselves some pants, the party offers their assistance and heads north, into the deep dark temple of a long forgotten evil cult.

Will Atrax, Calica, Hart, and Sally be able to discover what has happened to the adults and save the Furbolg village from certain destruction? Tune in and find out!




Tabitha Raye Miller as Calica

Josh Schwartz as Hart Stonebottom

Todd White as Sally Silvertoes

Kip Corriveau as Atrax

John Hoover as DM

John Hoover
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Co-Founder of Blue Elephant Brigade Network, co-host of the Blue Elephant Brigade Podcast, and host of the Debauchery and Dragons Podcast.

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