Episode 9 – Where the Werebats Roam

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Episode 9 - Where the Werebats Roam

Debauchery and Dragons Episode 9 – Where the Werebats Roam

Our foursome of DnD Podcast adventurers continue their exploration of the Temple of Malar only to stumble upon an  ancient ritual. Will they be able to act in time and save the furbolg before the evil Werebats can sacrifice it to their cruel god? Or will blood flow over the Alter of Malar once more? Tune in and find out in this latest episode of Debauchery and Dragons!




Tabitha Raye Miller as Calica

Josh Schwartz as Hart Stonebottom

Todd White as Sally Silvertoes

Kip Corriveau as Atrax

John Hoover as DM

John Hoover
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Co-Founder of Blue Elephant Brigade Network, co-host of the Blue Elephant Brigade Podcast, and host of the Debauchery and Dragons Podcast.

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