Shrink Rap with Christy Aletky

This week’s special guest is Veteran small business owner, certified clinical therapist, and yoga instructor Christy Aletky. She joins Phill and John to discuss EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), delve deep into the mind of Florida Man, talk about the effect of Hurricane Harvey on Texas, and the passing of legend Jerry Lewis!





  • Hosts: John Hoover and Phil Hernandez
  • Special Guest: Christy Aletky,
  • Editing: Gen Smith
  • Social Media Management: Frozen Ferret Productions
  • Intro and Outro Song: 311 – All Mixed Up
  • Florida Man Steals Car and Gets Caught Watching the Eclipse
  • Newsday: Jerry Lewis Comedy Icon and Telethon Host Dies at 91

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