Tales from Behind the Screen – Of Missing Plot Lines and Where the Wild Things Are

Hello fellow Travelers!

Welcome to my first post! In this ongoing series, Debauchery and Dragons fans will get a quick glimpse behind the dungeon master’s screen. Doing my best to not reveal any spoilers for upcoming episodes, you’ll receive just a bit more detail about the world our adventurers find themselves in and the “What If” of other choices that could have been made during our Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

(Side note, I loved the Marvel What If comics growing up! With one of my all time favorites being What If the Alien Costume had Possessed Spider-Man)

Before we get any further, this post absolutely contains SPOILERS for Episode 1 – Have Bracelet, Will Travel and Episode 2- I Just Peed! So go listen to those first, before reading any further!

The Bracelets and Where They Came From

No, I’m not about to give away the biggest secret of Season 1 (so far).  That being said, it was originally intended that the adventurers, and you travelers gathered around listening to our tale, would have learned a bit more about the bracelets and where they had come from during Episode 1.

You see, our adventuring party is short one member. A friend of mine, who happens to have a new daughter, was originally supposed to be the 4th to our trio of captive compatriots. He begged off though, the little one having first demands on his already limited free time.

This missing 4th was meant to have been living in Westgate. His kidnapping would have involved an unfortunate run-in with a Vampire Mob Boss and associated lackeys. This mob boss, being of the standard villainous type, would have mono-logged a bit, dropping a few clues about who, or what, might be pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Alas, it was not to be. So now our trio will simply have to find out why they are naked and afraid some other way.

Where the Wild Things Are

Hey! How about all those crazy creatures that our adventurers came across while making their escape?

While I’m not exactly sure of how many our adventurers spotted while making their mad dash for freedom, there were a total of 23 unique creatures, on that floor of the prison!

Speaking of the prison, when coming up with the basic layout, I used this outstanding map from Drunk and Nerdy as inspiration. There are some fantastic maps at the Drunk and Nerdy site that I highly recommend you check out the next time you are in need.

As to why where all those creatures there? How many more where on the next floor down? Or how many more times we will use the excellent term “Space Goblin”? Well, I am afraid you will have to tune into future episodes to find out those answers and more!

~ Your Humble DM, John Hoover


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