Which Avenger Are You?

Together with some friends, I have created the first (and probably only) BuzzFeed Quiz to be featured here on the BEB.Network! Pick Your Perfect Pet And We’ll Tell You Which Avenger You Are!

Of course, the First Avenger has a deep love for this cute, American flag waving pet!
Do you love the same types of pets as Captain America?

The quiz is only four questions long but, using highly advanced algorithms and advanced Kree technology, it will allow our team of Hydra scientists to determine exactly which Marvel Avenger your personality most closely resembles!

Black Widow, our resident secret spy Avenger, wishes she was half as sneaky and cute and this adorable pet!
Or are you sneaky and mischievous like Black Widow?

So, before this quiz is snapped away like half the universe once Thanos had the gauntlet, follow the link and let us know what you think of the Blue Elephant Brigade Network’s first ever BuzzFeed Quiz!

Spider-Man, one of the newest Avengers, and this adorable pet both really love hamburgers!
Maybe we’ll find out that you love hamburgers just as much as this little guy and Spider-Man!
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